About Us

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SHAREHOLDERS : – 23 (grew from 20 at the date of establishment)

Composition of Shareholders:-

  • Contractors
  • Senior Lawyers,
  • Senior Management Consultants,
  • Senior Economists, Marketing & Planning Professionals,
  • Senior Financial Experts,
  • Senior Transport Management Experts,
  • Senior Hoteliers, most of who are managing their own businesses in their respective sectors.


There are plenty of competing challenges every day that call for undivided attention, knowledge, skills and time of property owners further inconvenienced by – - Distance from the property, - Resources limitations, - Health related problems, - Age related factors, - Tight work schedules etc...

Alternative taken/practised has been empowering family members and/or friends to administer one’s property without serious attention/commitment – which cannot be agents’ priority as they have their own businesses to attend to.  Consequences of such loose and unprofessional arrangements have led to discord among family members/friends entailing devastating results like –

  • Rental arrangements are rather unprofessional,
  • Rental incomes are not commensurate with market reality,
  • Damages are not properly accounted for when leases vacate rental property,
  • New rental arrangements are not timely carried out (concluded),
  • Timely refurbishing of property is a far cry,
  • Financial resources allocated for expansion are bound to be abused and eventually be causes for confrontations and animosity,
  • At times even, ownership rights get tampered by delegated agents etc…

The problem of property management has been with us for a while and is getting from bad to worse as time goes by.  To redress this unwholesome situation a group of concerned professionals has established a property management firm – ENDERAS Property Administration Services PLC which is dedicated to professional management of rental property to the entire satisfaction of owners by introducing a new product – Property Management – to the Ethiopian property market to do away with all mal practices cited above.

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