All Services

Below are the full list of services our organization provides

  • Management of rental buildings, residences, offices business, trucks
  • Carry out finishing works of buildings on behalf of owners and available the same in time for the intended purposes,
  • Invest customers. funds in commercial businesses that offer highest returns,
  • Undertake management contract of service or manufacturing business firms,
  • Provide property valuation service,
  • Organise and offer training in real estate management,
  • Provide reliable and competent refurbishing, property development and care services,
  • Payment of various fees in respect of property and also for family education and health care services with serious/concerned follow-up,
  • Update current property market prices,
  • Handle legal matters related to property etc.

What makes or service different and comfortable is that all rental income will be deposited and operated in owners’ own account (EPAS never operates owners accounts).  You will have a dedicated ………  in our ……….which  will be operated by you only.  You can check collection issues, give instruction to ENDERAS to effect any payment on your behalf from our accounts which will be reimbursed during rental collection, express your agreement/disagreement on any proposal for renovation,  rental price, choice of leases, decide on the type/price of maintenance etc…

We are PIONEERS in the business working also for LEGACY.  Let us join hands!