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The issue of property management is an ongoing problem that has only gotten worse over time, causing widespread suffering. The situation has become dire, and a solution is are needed.

 Recognizing this pressing need, a team of devoted professionals has stepped up to the challenge to create a company dedicated to efficiently and effectively address this unpleasant situation. With their combined expertise and abilities, these experts are set to revolutionise property management services, providing professional services that will initiate positive changes in the sector. 

By employing EPAS carefully crafted strategies and putting their knowledge to work, asset owners and the community can benefit from responsible, ethical property management. By partnering with our company, a brighter future is on the horizon for all involved.


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Enderas Property management is an organization that has a comprehensive and well thought-out mission for growth and expansion. 

As part of this mission, the company has devised plans that are designed to ensure its long-term success. These plans include short, medium, and long term strategies that will enable Enderas  Property Management to establish subsidiary firms that will specialize in complementary services that are in line with the company’s core objectives.

Furthermore, Enderas Property Management has put in place effective measures that will ensure the successful implementation of these plans. The company has conducted extensive market research, identified suitable growth opportunities, and established relevant partnerships with leading industry players. 

As such, Enderas is confident that it can achieve its goals by providing exceptional services to its clients. Through these subsidiary firms, Enderas will be able to provide a comprehensive range of services that cater to the diverse needs of its customers, while maintaining its commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

Manage rental building
provide property valuation services
Carry out finishing works of buildings
undertake management contract of service
Handle legal matters related to property


The properties that have been working with us 


Skyscraper Tower

Big Company Headquarter

Our Expert Team

The promoters and share holders of the company are experienced business persons comprising of: 


Senior Economist

Senior Lawyers

Senior Financial Experts

Senior Management Consultants

Senior Marketing specialist

Senior Transport Management